Coaching Logic

Coaching Logic

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Coaching Logic® is a simple to use, straight-forward coaching business application that includes coaching control, quality services and greater value to your customers. Once logged into any part of the system, access to coaching, reports, messages, schedule coaching sessions and questionnaires, etc. is easy for all those involved. Coaching Logic® replaces the multitude of uncontrolled, Key Measurement System reports with a centralized web-based system that enables streamlined sharing with your customers.
Coaches enter their findings against customer-defined answers to produce, Key Measurement System and other user-to-user reports. All findings are tracked with the status until they are closed out, maintaining a complete coaching history throughout the coaching process. The application will maintain all the activity history and it will be maintained in graphical tree manner. Coaches can track coaching sessions scheduled with clients, measure them and create their own reports.
The application has a theme management facility where clients and coaches can change their own layout to establish their own look & feel.



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3. Juli 2016